Pre Titles:FC AFC
Name: Trailcreek Blue's Dacey
Post Titles:  
Registration #: SM942431/08
Country: USA
Date Of Birth: 01/11/1992
Hip Certification: LR-55943G26F-T
Accomplishments Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, 4 Titled Offspring - Including FC Running With The Devil '01NDC (5 Titled Offspring), Sired by FC AFC CMHR WR Cedar Valley's Hi-Bird Turk MH (2 Titled Offspring), Dam: GMHR Beavercrest Stukagin Blue (2 Titled Offspring) - Sired by '82NAFC '82CNFC FC Piper's Pacer HoF (20 Titled Offspring)
Sex: Female
Color: Black Carrying Chocolate