Pre-Titles FC AFC
Name: Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise N' Fall
Post Titles: MH
Registration #: SR43473602
Date of Birth: May 23 2007
Health Certifications: LR-EL47256M35-VPI Normal Elbows, CERF LR-382390, Eyes LR-EYE4914/85M-VPI, EIC Clear, CNM Clear
Accomplishments: Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Master Hunter, OPEN WIN: LRC Specialty, Labrador RC 2014, Swamp Dog 2012, AM WINS: Long Island 2015 Swamp Dog Fall 2013, Labrador RC 2012, NW Iowa 2011, Tar Heel, Talbot 2010 DERBY WINS: Del Bay 2009, Derby Win Blue Ridge 2009, 35 Derby Points, Top Chocolate Open & Amateur Male for 2014, 6 for 6 for MH Title, Qualified for Multiple Nation Amateur and Opens. 1 Titled Sibling, Sired by FC Running With The Devil '01 NDC (17 Titled Offspring, 3 Titled Siblings), Dam: Rebel Ridge Jimmy A Chance (2 Titled Offspring, 1 Titled Sibling, daughter of FC AFC High Tech CEO x Rebel Ridge One Tough Cookie ***)
Sex: Male
Color: Chocolate Carrying Yellow

FC AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise N' Fall MHClick on photo for larger view