Pre Titles:FC AFC
Name: Dare To Dream
Post Titles:  
Registration #: SM860068/08
Country: USA
Date Of Birth: 03/12/1991
Hip Certification: LR-55003E31M
DNA: V21576
AccomplishmentsField Champion at 3 years old, Amateur Field Champion, 18 Derby Points With 3 Wins, 1996 Top Open Dog, 1996 Purina Award Winner, Qualified For 6 Nationals, Back to Back Wins in 95-97, 96.5 All-Age Points, 35 Titled Offspring including 2006 NAFC FC Carbon Copy Of Horn Creek - FC AFC Trumarc's Stormin' Norman II (National Open Finalist 2007) - FC Running With The Devil '01 NDC  46 Titled Offspring, 5 Titled Siblings, EIC Carrier
Sex: Male
Color: Black Carrying Yellow

FC AFC Dare To Dream - Cosmo