Pre Titles: 
Name: Crystalclear's Black Blade II
Post Titles: JH
Registration #: SN64702309
Country: USA
Date Of Birth: MAY-11-1999
Hip Certification: LR-115426G24M-PI
DNA: V347973
Accomplishments: Junior Hunter, Sired by FC AFC Tank'n A Chance (100.5 Amateur Pts. 10 Wins, 28 Open Pts 3 Wins), Dam: Ace's Dakota Dream (FC AFC Kelly's Midnight Trapper X Lady Lazy Ace), Carried Chocolate & Yellow
Sex: Male
Color: Black

Crystalclear's Black Blade II JHCrystalclear's Black Blade II JH 10-01Crystalclear's Black Blade II JH 10-02 with Scott Lallier