Pre Titles:'92 NFC 90 NAFC
Name: Candlewoods Super Tanker
Post Titles: HoF
Registration #: SE-249295 CKC 1028081
Country: USA
Date Of Birth: 07/26/1984
Hip Certification: LR-22669
Accomplishments: '92 National Field Champion, '90 National Amateur Field Champion, Hall of Fame Retriever, 4x National Finalist, 238 All-Age Points, Thomas Merrit Trophy Winner, Doubleheader Winner, 51 Titled Offspring, 1 Titled Sibling, CNM Carrier, Sired 3X NFC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot '89NDC, Sired by '76 NFC AFC San Joaquin Honcho HoF
Sex: Male
Color: Black

'92 NFC 90 NAFC Candlewood's SuperTanker