*~HRCH UH Trinity’s Riptide Ryder MH CGC TDI~*

Passed 2011 Master Nationals and Qualified for 2012


Offered For Stud To Approved Females

OFA Good Hips LR-179023G25M-VPI, Normal Elbows LR-EL41819M25-VPI, CERF LR-54827

Normal Cardiac LR-CA3426/25M/P-VPI, Normal Patella LR-PA315/25M/P-VPI, Normal Thyroid LR-TH371/25M-VPI

EIC Non-Carrier D08-065147, CNM Non-Carrier LR-CNM09-237-M-PIV,

PRA Non-Carrier OptiGen # 09-9969, RD/OSD Non-Carrier & Narcolepsy Non-Carrier OptiGen # 09-9969

DNA Profile V497914 - AKC & UKC Registered

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HRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MHHRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MHHRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MHHRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH

Rip Tierra Carol & Rod Rombauer - Rip's 500 Point CelebrationHRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MHRip 500 Point Run With Tierra, Carol & Rod Rombauer

Rip With Flowers From 500 Point RunHRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MHRip With Flowers From 500 Point Run

In the house Rip is a very calm dog, even at such a young age he is very controlled… but in the field he is a fire cracker! He is very steady at heel and has been since he was a little over 5 months, and will wait as long as it takes for you to send him. He is a very good marker and he runs just as fast returning a bird as he does going out to it and he runs as fast on his blinds as he does his marks. He holds the bird and sits at heel as long as you make him wait.  Rip has never been force fetched or been on a e-collar.  He has been completely trained by my youngest daughter Tierra who was 16 when she got Rip and 18 when she titled him as a HRCH MH.  Rip was her very first dog to train or compete at this level so he and Tierra has to learn together.  Also, because of living in SE Ohio where there is very little water fowl or upland birds to hunt we do not have anyone within 100 miles that she can train with for the level of training that Rip is working at.  I am incredibly impressed and proud of what my daughter and Rip have accomplished together at such young ages.

Rip is also a big ‘Momma’s Boy’, he would rather be at Tierra’s (His owner and resident Dog Trainer) side than outside with the other dogs.  In the morning you can find him outside training, in the afternoon you can find him in the house wherever Tierra is at, in the evenings you can find him out at the Lake training with Tierra, and at night you can find him curled-up side-by-side with Tierra in bed. He has the type of personality that he just wants to be doing what his owner is, if that means training and hunting than that is what he wants to do, or if it is laying around in the house then that is where he wants to be.

Rip gets along well with everyone, he gets along with other intact males, cats, children, etc.  He is a very kissy boy and has one of the widest tongues, he laps half of your face in one pass.  My daughter has taught him to give hugs on command but Rip will leap up and give you a kiss before giving you a hug and he lands ever so softly that he never knocks you around.  Rip is the very first male that we have ever kept but when Tierra decided that she wanted to get into Retriever training and had titled a couple of our females in the lower levels we gave her Rip.  She had actually requested that I breed my chocolate female "Trinity's Lotta Miracles" with "Running With The Devil '01NDC" who is a tri-factored black male and she was going to keep a black male.  When the litter was born there was not a single black pup in the litter.  Sassy had been bred at the same time and had two chocolate males with FC AFC Cuda's Blue Ryder MH; who is one of my all-time favorite sires, and Rip was the darker - bigger male who just stood out to me as a great example of what a Labrador Retriever is supposed to be so I talked her into considering Sassy's litter and we ended up keeping a tremendous dog that has forever changed our lives, especially Tierra's.  Tierra discovered that she had a hidden talent for becoming a team with her dogs, they trust her explicitly and are willing to do whatever she asks of them.  Rip gives her confidence when she walks to the line now.  Rip has also been in training on the side as a service dog and will take people cans of pop, carry your purse or whatever you ask him to carry, pick up whatever you drop and hand it back to you and a myriad of other tricks.  I have been trying to talk Tierra into competing in obedience trials with Rip but so far she has shown no interest.

Rip has an incredible list of littermates which include:

            We are expecting great things from Rip and his siblings in the future.

Pedigree of UH HRCH Trinity's Riptide Ryder MH CGC TDI

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